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Road Rage Branding

You’ve seen it before. You’ve likely experienced it before. The van wrapped in some company’s logo driving 10 under in the far left lane causing traffic to back-up for a quarter mile.

On the flip side, you’ve probably also seen the little car with branding all over it driving like a maniac weaving between cars – as if they were trying to force you to notice the logo plastered all over their Mini.

Traffic causes frustrations and, as people, we need someone or something to blame. We can blame the government or the DOT – some faceless group for not having the competence to foresee traffic headaches. But the thing is, as I’m stuck behind the van for Guss’ Window Repair* that’s stalling traffic and oblivious to the world around it, I blame Guss for my woes. Trust me, I’ll never do business with Guss. Not only is he slow, but he’s the one causing my road rage.

Vehicles aren’t the only things we paint our logos all over today, though. They’re just the beginning. In fact, I have friends whose entire businesses are to plaster your logo on everything – from cups and pens to boxer briefs and, well, I won’t go there. You get the point.

Your logo represents your brand, your company, your people, and whether or not I want to do business with you. Put an expletive in front of it because you irritate me on the way to work and, well… that tells you the chances of me (or anyone else stuck behind you) doing business with you in the future.

Where do you have your brand plastered? More importantly: what are people walking (or driving) away from it thinking?

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent… and the slow left lane driver.

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