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Industry Spotlight: For the Love of Food

Ah, Thanksgiving…

The turkey, the sides, and the pies! There’s no doubt that Thanksgiving revolves around the food. Yes, family and thankfulness are involved, but families usually join together to eat, and we’re always thankful for a feast. So, again… it’s all about the food.

So what do Thanksgiving and Engenius have in common?

A love of food.

After all, our office is located right downtown in one of “the South’s tastiest towns,” according to Southern Living. We’re steps away from some of the best restaurants in the Southeast. Any type of food you can possible imagine—steaks, sandwiches, Thai, tapas—is right at our doorstep. But, even more so, Engenius is passionate about food because we’re fortunate to be able to work with some of the best in the industry – you can check some of them out on our portfolio here.

Though Engenius has several clients in the food industry, it’s just one of the many sectors of the South Carolina Upstate that we are proud to serve. Others range from construction to non-profits, and every type of growing business in between.

So … happy eating and happy Thanksgiving!

A Magical Room and a Fire-Breathing Dragon

“Creativity” is a word that’s often thrown around and overused in our industry— to the point that it often doesn’t mean anything.

But one area that could often legitimately use some creative TLC is in the decision-making process. I’m not talking about creative results, per se; I’m talking about breaking assumptions in problem-solving. And, not to brag, but we like to think we’re pretty good at this.

If you consider yourself a creative person—or even if you don’t—you’ll enjoy a recent article from about applying lateral thinking to your creative work. It presents an interesting, hypothetical dilemma to make its point:

Pretend that you’re trapped in a magical room with only two exits. Through the first exit is a room made from a giant magnifying glass, and the blazing hot sun will fry you to death. Through the second door is a room with a fire-breathing dragon. Which do you go through?

To find out the answer and for five steps to train yourself in sideways problem solving, check out the article here.

And if you’re looking to work with a web agency that is passionate about breaking assumptions, give Engenius a call…because we say that if Shrek and a donkey can defeat a dragon, then so can we.

How Website Design Affects Traffic: 5 Key Elements

The content of your website is extremely important, but increasingly, visitors to your site won’t consume or share your awesome content if the user experience on your website is poor.

The bottom line question is, “How easily can visitors navigate your website to find the information that they came for in the first place?” For instance, you have probably tried to reach a website that took forever to load, causing you to give up and go somewhere else. Maybe you visited a site that had endless paragraphs of text on the home page — like most people, you probably didn’t read every word carefully. If you have a hard time interacting with a website, are you going to revisit it or recommend it? Unlikely.

If your site isn’t optimized for a great user experience through effective design, you will sacrifice traffic.

Check out this infographic from Red Website Design showing five design factors that dictate how users will experience your website.


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