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It’s Engenius Grants time!

Nonprofit organizations are vital to our local community.

These are the groups that look after underserved populations and often fill the gaps left by private and government sectors—whether in environmental protection, cultural advancement, medical research, or aid for the homeless.

Nonprofits improve the quality of life in our community and create opportunities for service and giving—but the financial impact of nonprofits is significant as well. According to The Independent Sector (a national nonprofit resource center), the nonprofit community:

  • Provides 5.5% of the nation’s entire GDP or $805 billion worth of output
  • Employed 13.7 million individuals in 2010, or approximately 10% of the country’s workforce
  • Generated an estimated $298.42 billion in total charitable giving in 2011

Now for the fifth consecutive year, Engenius will award grants that include a complete web communications overhaul for local nonprofits. This year we will give over $19,000 through our grants program alone.


Since 2010, Engenius has invested over $70,000 into our community through nonprofit services and support. Some of our past grant recipients include Pendleton Place for Children and Families, Gardening for Good, Camp Opportunity, and Loaves & Fishes—and we can’t wait to contribute even more in the years to come.

Grant applications will close on April 30, and the recipients’ new sites will be unveiled this fall.

Buzzword Defined: Content Marketing

Never in history have we been marketed to more than we are today. With social media and the rise of behavioral remarketing (i.e. retargeting)—not to mention more traditional advertising channels like email and mass media—rarely are we exempt from companies vying for our attention and our business.

At the same time, never have we been more adept at tuning out those companies’ messages. We have DVRs to skip television ads and spam filters to take care of emails. Online buttons and banners are now so commonplace that we hardly even acknowledge them anymore.

So, where does that leave marketers?

Enter the rise of content marketing.

You may have heard this term before, or it may be new to you. Content marketing is a relatively new concept, having only gained traction in the last few years as marketers realized the reality that many businesses today face. Check out this definition of “content marketing” by the Content Marketing Institute:

“Your customers don’t care about you, your products, your services…they care about themselves, their wants and their needs. Content marketing is about creating interesting information your customers are passionate about so they actually pay attention to you.”

Harsh, isn’t it? In light of this reality, the existence—and value—of content marketing is defined by the following principles:

  • Instead of selling a product or service, deliver information that makes your customer more intelligent.
  • Instead of creating content that drives search engine results, create content that is relevant and valuable.
  • Instead of just influencing your potential customers, also attract those who can influence others.
  • And as you deliver valuable information, you will be rewarded with your audience’s business and loyalty.

Content marketing likely looks a little different for each business, but it’s the same reality across the board: marketing is impossible without great content. Whether it is distributed through emails, blogs, or social media, it’s not going to be read—and your message won’t cut through—unless it’s relevant and valuable to your readers.

Support Our Veterans

On this Veterans Day, we give thanks for our troops serving overseas, active duty, and their families who await their safe return. We give thanks for those who have served – risking their lives for our freedom from tyranny, protecting our freedom, and standing up for those who cannot stand alone. To our friends, co-worker, clients, and family who have served America we offer our thanks, our prayers, and our commitment to serve those who support you.

Give thanks to the Veterans in your life today. If you don’t have a veteran in your life to thank today, show your support and offer your time and gifts to an organization providing for our Veterans and their families.

Upstate Warrior Solution        Military Transition Services


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