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April 21, 2015: Why It’s a Game Changer

You may have heard about the update Google made to its search algorithm earlier this week. In a nutshell, it means that Google will give greater priority to mobile-friendly websites in its search results. Considering that Google tweaks and adapts its search algorithm pretty much on a daily basis, this particular change created significant hype…

  • By it’s own admission, Google—on its official Webmaster Central Blog—states, “This change … will have a significant impact in our search results.”
  • published an article with the heading “Google is making a giant change this week that could crush millions of small businesses.”
  • An article from boasted the heading “Google’s Search Update Will Remake the Web in It’s Own Image.”
  • By comparison, rather conservatively summarized with “This is one of the biggest changes to the Google algorithm in years, so it’s one to take seriously.”

Still, the algorithm change has been given the nickname “Mobilegeddon” for the impact it will have on millions of websites. It’s no secret that a majority of users have switched from desktop to mobile when consuming web content. Unfortunately, many businesses haven’t followed suit.

To find out how your business’s search results will fare in the aftermath of “Mobilegeddon,” Google has graciously provided the handy “Mobile-Friendly Test.” Simply enter a web page’s URL and it will analyze and report on the page’s mobile friendliness.

And if the results are bad, have no fear still. You’ll likely what to update your website to a responsive design as soon as possible, so simply…

Keep Calm

…like Engenius. We’ve been building mobile-friendly websites with responsive design since 2013.

Where Does Your Community Support Begin?

Did you know Engenius is a member of the Inc. Small Giants Community?
It is a global membership organization focused on the promotion, implementation and advancement of running a successful values-driven business.

Recently, Engenius’ very own Chris Manley wrote a blog post for the Small Giants website about how businesses can start supporting their communities. It’s so good, we decided to share it here too!

Where Does Your Community Support Begin?

by Chris Manley, Co-Founder, Engenius

So your company wants to begin building a bridge to your community… it’s not something that you’ve been doing, but you’ve decided now is the time. Where do you start?

The answer is simple: with your people.

Ask your team, “Where are you volunteering?” The answers you get might surprise you. In our small company, nearly every single employee was already volunteering somewhere. Several were serving on committees and boards of local nonprofits.

Once you figure out what passions already exist within your team, there are three simple steps I recommend:

  1. Support the organizations where your employees serve. Become a business supporter or buy a table at their big event. Show your employees you support their community service.
  2. Consider giving paid days off for volunteering. This goes an extra mile past financial support and allows your people to reconnect with their community service. It also encourages those uninvolved folks to get their hands dirty.
  3. Figure out ways your company can support these organizations with your own services. By leveraging your own products or services, you can make a bigger impact at a smaller cost.

Whether this is your company’s first foray into community support or you’re a pro at it, talk to your people. Find out what gets them excited and jump in head first – they’ll be ecstatic you did.

About Chris Manley

Chris Manley is co-founder, team leader, and chief strategist with fifteen years experience in marketing communications. A native of the Upstate, he also leads a nonprofit (ReWiGo), is passionately involved in the Greenville community, and is the SBA’s 2013 S.C. Young Entrepreneur of the Year (not to mention, a husband and father of two!)

To learn more about the Inc. Small Giants Community, visit their website here.

Industry Spotlight: For the Love of Food

Ah, Thanksgiving…

The turkey, the sides, and the pies! There’s no doubt that Thanksgiving revolves around the food. Yes, family and thankfulness are involved, but families usually join together to eat, and we’re always thankful for a feast. So, again… it’s all about the food.

So what do Thanksgiving and Engenius have in common?

A love of food.

After all, our office is located right downtown in one of “the South’s tastiest towns,” according to Southern Living. We’re steps away from some of the best restaurants in the Southeast. Any type of food you can possible imagine—steaks, sandwiches, Thai, tapas—is right at our doorstep. But, even more so, Engenius is passionate about food because we’re fortunate to be able to work with some of the best in the industry – you can check some of them out on our portfolio here.

Though Engenius has several clients in the food industry, it’s just one of the many sectors of the South Carolina Upstate that we are proud to serve. Others range from construction to non-profits, and every type of growing business in between.

So … happy eating and happy Thanksgiving!

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